Welcome to the University District Community Development Association, dedicated to serving the residents of Buffalo’s Northeast neighborhoods. You might know us as:

The University District Community Development Association (UDCDA) is a full service agency offering a wide array of youth and senior service programs to residents out of the Gloria J. Parks Community Center located at 3242 Main Street while also spearheading community and housing development projects throughout Buffalo’s Northeast from its offices located at 995 Kensington Avenue.

We work with residents, block clubs, community nonprofits, educational institutions, and local government to invest resources in the people and places that matter most to our community.





Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 infections in the City of Buffalo, the University District Community Development Association is temporarily closing in-person senior program activities at 995 Kensington Avenue effective November 10, 2020.  This is the Gloria J. Parks Senior Program that was temporarily moved to 995 Kensington Avenue in October, due to the long-term closures of all community centers in Buffalo by Mayor Brown back in March 2020.  We are making this current closure to live, in-person activities like exercise class, bingo, lunch, and other group activities in an abundance of caution to keep our seniors safe.  We will be contacting our senior members about remote activities until we are ready to re-open.  The program will resume at 995 Kensington Avenue, when the COVID-19 infection rate in the City of Buffalo, especially in zip code 14215, declines to a safer level.  If you have any questions about the senior program, please call Senior Program Director, Phyllis Caver at 832-1010; ext. 206.


As with the rest of our community, we have had to make substantial changes to our facility access and safety procedures due to the COVID-19 shutdowns and gradual re-openings.  We are making comprehensive efforts to keep our clients and staff safe from the viral spread of COVID-19.  Here is a more detailed summary of where our agency is presently:

Gloria J. Parks Community Center, 3242 Main Street:

Per Mayor Brown’s COVID-19 Shut Down order in March 2020, our community center remains closed to the general public.  However, there are some things going on for our community behind the scenes.  We are following strict safety regimen including pre-screening before entrance, mandatory mask wearing, physical distancing, heightened disinfection and hand hygiene.  Our NYS Re-opening Safety Plan for Gloria J. Parks Community Center can be viewed HERE. We have closed access for free or rental space of support groups, adult sports leagues, and private parties or community meetings, due to COVID-19 safety precautions. For more information about Gloria J. Parks Community center, please contact Associate Director Michael Tritto at 832-1010; ext. 213 or at m.tritto@udcda.org

Youth Program: We are operating a FREE 21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Camp for grades K to 7 from July 20 to August 21st, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.   This camp is available only to students from our Partner Schools, including St. Joseph’s University School, Olmstead School P.S. #156, Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, King Center Charter School, P.S. #17 Early Childhood Center, Bennett Park Montessori School P.S. 32, Dr. George Blackman School P.S. #54, P.S. # 81, Dr. Lydia T. Wright School P.S. 89. Only students are admitted to the building.  Parents and other adults may only drop off and pick up students without entering the building, due to COVID-19 safety procedures.  Parents interested in enrolling their children in summer camp should contact Youth Program Director. Shae Herron at 832-1010; ext. 209 or s.herron@udcda.org

TEEN PROGRAM: Our teen program is presently suspended until the community center is allowed to re-open by government authorities.

ATHLETIC PROGRAM: Our Athletics Program has been suspended since the community center was closed in March 2020.  If New York State Re-opening Guidelines allow it, we plan to offer small group Skills and Drills athletics sessions for youth ages 9 to 17 in groups of 10 or less, for 1-hour sessions starting in September.

Kensington Bailey Neighborhood Housing Center, 995 Kensington Avenue. We have recently re-opened our Housing Center for client meetings with our Housing and business Development staff.  Clients must make appointments in advance. We are following strict safety regimen including pre-screening before entrance, mandatory mask wearing, physical distancing, heightened disinfection and hand hygiene. Our NYS Re-opening Safety Plan for Kensington-Bailey Neighborhood Housing Center can be viewed HERE. We have closed access to our housing center for any community meetings or block club meetings due to COVID-19 precautions.

HOUSING SERVICES: Our Housing Services are available for income eligible home owners. We also have affordable housing apartments available for rent.  Our agency continues to acquire, renovate and sell affordable homes. For more information contact our Housing Specialist, Terri Gayles at 832-1010; ext. 208 or at t.gayles@udcda.org

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Our Business Development Specialist is working with small business owners to participate in the East Side Development program to support physical renovations and the sustaining of business associations for Main Street, Bailey, and East Delavan. For more information please contact, Business Development Specialist, Essence Sweat at 832-1010; ext . 202 or at e.sweat@udcda.org






UDCDA is a proud partner with the Service Collaborative of Western New York, which provides talented Americorps ABLE members to help educate our students in our 2020 in-person Summer Camp at the Gloria J. Parks Community Center from July 20 – August 21. 2020.



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Bailey Fights Blight: A project using public art and community engagement to fight blight and spur investment on Bailey Avenue.

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