University District C.D.A. Inc., has provided housing and human services to area residents since 1976. Built in 1991 the Gloria J. Parks Community Center provides a one stop community facility that offers a host of community services and is a central meeting place for residents and residential groups. Our Athletic Department operates a full court gymnasium and two fitness rooms. The cardio room is filled with well maintained cardio equipment and the weight room is equipped with universal weight machines and a variety of free weights. In addition the Athletic Department runs a number of sports leagues including several age specific youth groups and adult leagues.

There are a variety of services that our agency is able to offer to Senior Citizens. Our Senior Program staff  works closely with other community organizations to provide Senior Citizens with recreation, nutrition, fitness, socialization, education and field trips.

The Youth Department is an important part of our mission. Our programs include the 4-H after school program and full day summer camp that provides youth participants with academic assistance, life skills enhancement, artistic endeavors, field trips, recreation and socialization. Youth participants gain new skills and positive attitudes, which motivates them to aspire to visions and horizons not yet perceived. In addition to the full day camp, we also provide a science and sports based magnet camp. The science portion follows the model of the Science Firsthand Learning inquiry based learning. Students learn to explore the natural world around them and are encouraged to be inquisitive. Students are an essential part of developing the program based on their interests and questions about their environment. The athletic portion of the camp teaches youth about the importance of staying active. Youth learn about the different muscle groups of the body and teaches them team building skills during organized group sports.

In addition the organization operates a Community Technology Center which enables the community’s youth to access a variety of enriching resources. As we work to develop young people, we also provide programs to strengthen families by providing family centered programming to our community.

Our Youth Program offers 21st Century Community Learning Centers programming for grades 1-8 during the school year and K-8 for our Summer Camp.