Art’s Cool!

Recently, we were able to take the youth of the Gloria J. Parks Afterschool Program to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery through a program called Art’scool.  The Arts’cool program made it possible for us to take a field trip (transportation included) at no additional cost to our program.  As funds can sometimes be tight in the non-profit world, this was an opportunity we could not refuse.  Please enjoy browsing a few pictures from our recent field trip to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery:

Albright-Knox Art Gallery 001

Some of the youth learning about a piece of Art in the museum.

Learning about an authentic Jackson Pollock!


Some of the children learning about an authentic Andy Warhol!

Albright-Knox Art Gallery 007-look and see

Some of the youth enjoying a more personal experience with a piece entitled "look and see" by Jim Hodges.

At the end of the day, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery left us thinking about Art and our perceptions of it.  It was a truly exciting and invigorating experience.  We extend our most sincere thanks to all those at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery that made this trip possible.

*If you would like more information about the Gloria J. Parks Afterschool Program, please contact us here.