Business District Surveys

How do we continue to build a vibrant, diverse, and unique small business community along Main Street and Bailey Avenue in University District?

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The University District Community Development Association (UDCDA) has been working over the past several years to identify, develop, and launch commercial revitalization projects in partnership with local businesses, institutions, and neighborhood organizations along Main Street and Bailey Avenue in Buffalo’s University District. Through proactive planning, technical assistance, and targeted investments, the UDCDA has supported projects that have restored historic landmarks, breathed new life into vacant buildings, and engaged community volunteers in district-wide beautification efforts.

The UDCDA is now launching the Business District Survey to learn more about our neighborhood’s existing small businesses, what makes our business districts special, and what draws shoppers to the area. Key issues and opportunities identified through this assessment will help create a vision for the future of Main Street and Bailey Avenue, prioritize local investments, support existing small businesses and budding entrepreneurs, and serve as a marketing tool for the community.

Main Street

Target Area: Kenmore Avenue to Hertel Avenue

Bailey Avenue

Target Area: Winspear Avenue to East Delavan Avenue