Diamonds in the Rough

We are happy to have Diamonds in the Rough Group Buffalo, a new and exciting girl mentoring program, at Gloria J. Parks Community Center. Their mission is to equip young girls, ages 10-18, and improve their quality of life! Diamond Girls will reach high expectations as they focus on learning: respect, manners, how to serve others, etiquette, leadership and financial skills.

They meet weekly 6:30 – 8:00 on Tuesdays in the GED classroom. Registration is free.

About Diamonds in the Rough

We believe that all young women should have the right to live a healthy, wholesome life and to fulfill their purpose. Our goals are to help our young ladies become involved with helping and building up the community in which they live in by giving their time and services to help others. Their contributions have involved: Annual food donations to families in need, creating and atmosphere of love by giving cards and donations to residents of the VA Hospital and Senior Citizen Homes, Community BBQ’s, Health and Wellness Fairs, Mental Health awareness, Black History Awareness and much more!

Mission Statement: To empower, promote, equip young ladies between the ages of 10- 18 to become “Diamond” Leaders of tomorrow

Vision: For each young girl to have the chance to live a healthy and wholesome life and to fulfill their vision and purpose. We have very high expectations for each girl as she focuses on learning our 7 Core Values: Leadership, Communication, Fitness/Nutrition, Health Awareness, Financial Literacy, Etiquette, and Self Awareness/Respect.

Diamond “Creed”

I am a Diamond Girls and I promise to:

D – always walk with Dignity

I –   show Integrity in conflict situations

A – have an Attitude of Gratitude

M – remember my Manners and Moral values

O – always Obey the voice of reason within myself

N – never, Never Give Up but always strive for perfection

D – determined to make each moment, each hour, each day count

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Anneliese Eason at (716) 715-8580 or Alicia Eason-Palmer (716) 939-8527

Mailing Address: Diamonds In The Rough Group, P.O. Box 313, Amherst NY 14226


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