Housing Repair Programs

City of Buffalo Housing Repair Programs (Updated for 2023-2024)

Roof Program:    

Roof Replacement – Must be in significant deterioration OR water leakage into the home

Emergency Assistance Program

    • Repairs of such verified emergency conditions such as the following:
    • Break in sanitary system
    • Break in water, sewer line or gas line
    • Electrical hazards at main panel
    • Hazardous chimney
    • Furnace / Hot water tank Replacement

The property must be in generally good condition, that is, it must be reasonably well maintained and structurally sound. Homes needing more than one emergency repair will not be eligible for assistance Loan funds are provided at No interest. The amount to be repaid will be based on the household income. Funds are provided as an interest free conditional grant/loan with a ten year term that is secured by a second mortgage on the property

Download City of Buffalo Emergency Repair Program Description

50/50 Rehabilitation Match Program:

Low-income first-time home buyers who are purchasing homes in the City of Buffalo may receive a conditional grant for one half of the rehab cost, up to a maximum of $25,000, to assist in the rehabilitation of an existing one- or two-family home located anywhere in the City of Buffalo. Under the 50/50 program, City funds will be used to match private financing for renovations to bring the property into compliance with local standards and lead based paint hazard reduction requirements.

You must meet the HUD low income guidelines and your taxes and insurance must be paid through an escrow account with the mortgage lender. You are required to submit a pre-approval for funding from a non-predatory source to demonstrate that you have the ability to fund one half or more of the cost of the repairs. The house must be a one or two unit dwelling and no tenants may be displaced due to repairs.

Download City of Buffalo 50/50 Program Description

Lead Hazard Reduction Program:

The City of Buffalo Lead Hazard Reduction Gant provides up to $ 20,000.00 per unit to property owners, landlords, occupants in the Schiller Park Neighborhood only. We are committed to lead safety for our children; to be eligible for the program you must meet the following conditions:

          • The property must be built before 1978
          • Child under the age of six (6), must live in or regularly visit the home
          • Woman with child (Pregnant).
          • The occupants in the household must meet all program eligibility requirements including low income requirements



Target/Focus Program:

This program offers a combination of conditional grants ( deferred loans forgiven after 10 years of residing in the home) and 0% interest loans, repaid monthly. Qualified owner-occupied, single family homes can receive up to $35,000 for home repair and lead based paint remediation. Owner-occupied doubles, with a qualifying tenant, can receive up to $ 50,000. The program can assist one or two-family homes on specific target streets. If you live in the target area and income qualify, you may be eligible for this program.


    • Must be owner- occupant
    • Household income must be less that 80% of the area median income based on family size.
    • Must live on a specified target street

Income Guidelines
Household Size / Maximum Annual Income ( 80% of AMI)*

    • 1 / $52,000
    • 2 / $59,400
    • 3 / $66,850
    • 4 / $74,250
    • 5 / $80,200
    • 6 / $86,150
    • 7 / $92,100
    • 8 / $98,050

*These income guidelines are based on the HUD 2023 Income Guidelines are subject to change.

Program Qualifications which Applies to ALL City funded Programs:

    • Applicant has to be the owner-occupant for at least one year of the of the property assistance is being sought
    • Households with more than $ 35,000.00 in financial assets will not be eligible for assistance
    • Household in arrears for water, user fee, city or county taxes will not be eligible for assistance
    • If homeowner owns ANY other Property they will not be eligible for assistance (vacant lots will be allowable)
    • Income documentation must be provided for ALL members of the household based on the 80% annual median Income


If you are interested in applying for the above mentioned rehabilitation assistance programs, please don’t hesitate to call (716) 832-1010, or visit our office at 995 Kensington Ave. We are  more than exictied to assist you!

This program is made available with the assistance of the City of Buffalo City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency through the Community Development Block Grant and HOME programs.

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