Emergency Assistance Program

The intent of the Emergency Repair Program is to address emergency situations such as utility service interruption (plumbing, heating and electrical) and the repair of specific house systems that are in poor or dangerous condition (roof, chimney).  Conditions noted with each request for emergency assistance will be verified by a representative of the Office of Strategic Planning.  The property must be in generally good condition, that is, it must be reasonably well maintained and structurally sound.

50/50 Program

Low-income first-time home buyers who are purchasing homes in the City of Buffalo may receive a conditional grant for one half of the rehab cost, up to a maximum of $25,000, to assist in the rehabilitation of an existing one- or two-family home located anywhere in the City of Buffalo. Under the 50/50 program, City funds will be used to match private financing for renovations to bring the property into compliance with local standards and lead based paint hazard reduction requirements.

Weatherization Program

Weatherization Program funds, up to $5,000 per structure, are now available to assist homeowners in the City of Buffalo. Eligible expenses through this program include weather-stripping and caulking of doors and windows; cleaning, testing, and repairs of heating systems; adding insulation to walls and ceilings; and minor repairs as needed. This program is available city-wide to income-eligible, owner occupants, who meet the program application guidelines.

Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance Program

The goal of the DPCC/First-Time Homebuyer’s Program is to expand home-ownership opportunities by providing financial assistance to low and moderate income first-time homebuyers for closing cost related to the purchase of their first home.  Funds are provided as an interest-free conditional grant/loan with a five-year term that is secured by a second mortgage on the property.

Federal Home Loan Bank Repair Program

The FHLB program will target 20 owner-occupied homes for critical home repairs in the 14214, 14215, and 14216 zip codes of the City of Buffalo. The funding will allow the UDCDA to offer housing repairs such as replacing windows, doors, furnaces, and hot water tanks. The program is available to income-eligible, owner occupants, who meet the program application guidelines.

If you are interested in applying for rehabilitation assistance, you can call (716) 832-1010, or visit our office at 995 Kensington Ave. We are happy to assist you!