Name:  Eleanor P.
Repair:  Windows

I really love my windows. I don’t have air seeping in and I love the fact that I can clean them on both sides without having to go outside. I like that the windows fold inward so I can clean them. Thank you very much again. I really love the windows. I know that my gas bill will be going down because of the new windows.



Name:  Doris C.
Repair:  Roof & Basement

The home repairs I received were a new roof, gutters and scrap/parge basement walls which were all much needed. The assistance of the federal funds that were allowed for the University District Community Development Association, Inc. to help enhance my home truly helped. The quality of work that the contractor, Naples Roofing provided was wonderful. All of this with the intervention done by UDCDA, Inc. to ensure that all work, materials and communication was on schedule, made for a great development for my home.

I am truly grateful that every effort was made to get federal funds to help homeowners like myself. The home repairs helped provide discounts on my homeowners insurance and added value to my neighborhood and council district.



Name:  Danielle J.
Repair:  Roof

It was a wonderful experience for me and my family.  Because I would always worry when we had a bad wind storm or a bad snow storm, I always thought that my roof was going to come down. Everyday shingles would fall and be around my home.  I’m so pleased with the outcome.  The staff was also good to work with. If there was something I didn’t understand, they would help me or direct me to the person or place I needed to go to.

Thank you University District C.D.A. for this wonderful experience on replacing my roof.  It is truly a dream come true.


Name:  John E. N.         
Repair:  Roof

My name is John.  I needed a roof on my house.  I went to several places seeking help because I did not have the funds to replace my roof.   I was directed to 995 Kensington, the Community Center.  That’s when the ball started rolling. Through their program, I got help in getting a new roof.

Thanks G.B. for your help.