Reinstatement of Buffalo Police University Detail


Good news here. The other week, the Buffalo Common Council had some budget votes that would have forced the loss of the Buffalo Police District E’s university special detail.  After the Common Council votes, Councilmember Russell discussed loss of the university detail with Deputy Commissioner Dan Derenda. He agreed to reinstate the detail.


For those new to this University Heights Collaborative email distribution, the BPD university detail specifically patrols the residential streets of south campus at night for large student house parties, and the like. It was formed by District E Chief Young last summer as a result of our community meetings with him and Commissioner Gipson.  It is a law enforcement tool the UHC is counting on to deepen the solutions to the neighborhood problems. Information on student-related /arrests are communicated to UB by BPD. Last year, UB suspended 30 students for unacceptable off-campus behavior. Some of these incidents were reported by residents (good job!).


As the weather warms, the loud student parties are sure to return, so we all need to do OUR part by continuing to call 911 for any out-of-control behavior.  Also, speaking with your neighbors about holding neighborhood watch training with Officer Losi is important. The Collaborative will assist you arrange that. Feel free to reply to this email if you are interested in learning more!  “Thank you!” to the Northrup, Winspear, Lisbon and Highgate folks for arranging a neighborhood watch training next week.


It is important that the neighborhood watches/block clubs be setup on each street to change the neighborhood. Talk to any law enforcement person or district attorney and they will tell you a NW has the most impact on crime and safety. Neighborhood watches are a very COST EFFECTIVE way for taxpayers to help local police.  Perpwork can take a tremendous amount of time, but it is much easier if the residents know their street.  We should be aware of this since the city budget will likely be strained in the future, and cuts to the police department are an issue that surely will not go away.  We need to rely on the police just as much as they need to rely on us.


Captain Stabler, who is in charge of the university detail, says that District E morale is high because the officers are seeing results of their work.


David Ellerbrock


University Heights Collaborative