Twice the fun!

On March 14th, Buffalo Public Schools were in session for a half day.  At The Gloria J. Parks Afterschool Program, that means twice the time together, and twice the fun!  During our extra time, we made sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather by going outside to play on the playground.  As 4:30 came around, we gathered back indoors and reassembled into our usual enrichment activity groups.  As a whole, the day was very fun, exciting, and eventful.  As the weather gets nicer, we hope to spend more time outside together.  Please enjoy having a look at our time on the playground:

Jump rope fun

Jada, Janiya, and Ge'Onni having a jump-rope competition!

Jada on Mr. Chris's shoulders.

Jada hanging out with Mr. Chris.

Joshua and Delmar jumping.

Joshua and Delmar showing their vertical prowess.

Qaadir enjoying playing in the sun.

outside group shot

Being our silly selves outdoors.

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