Business Development

The Bailey Avenue Regeneration Project is a UDCDA business development initiative, designed to reinvigorate the district and stimulate economic growth. The multi-year project includes the: re-establishment of the Bailey Business Association (BBA), implementation of its strategic plan, and execution of commercial building renovations along the Bailey corridor.

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Current Internship Opportunities

Documents Team

Members of the Documents Team are the foundation of the project. The team is responsible for ensuring that all program information, guidelines, codes, contracts, forms, evaluations and inspections, as well as reports and data analysis are accurate, timely, and accessible. The Documents Team works across all teams to collect and provided the necessary information to move the project to completion with efficiency.

Legal & Advocacy Team

This team works to prepare cases concerning absentee property owners and severe building code violations due to persistent neglect. Team members will prepare evidence and gather information to represent business owners under the threat of displacement and work to uncover injustices that impede on community development. Members of this team also work to form partnerships with legal professionals and explore available resources.

Bidding & Contracts Team

This team manages the bidding process and contract negotiations, as well as monitoring and reporting on work progress. Members of this team coordinate site walkthroughs, select winning contractors, and develop the work plan. This team will work closely with the development consultants to ensure that work is performed properly and completed on schedule.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team will work to develop the new and robust Bailey Business Association website, which includes an online marketplace and an employment database for work related to the renovation process. Members of this team will develop and implement the marketing strategy and track the budget. This team will design, print, and distribute marketing material for programs and events, as well as manage social media channels.

Outreach & Engagement Team

C.O.P.E. is an acronym for Community Outreach, Programming and Engagement. The C.O.P.E. Team will produce events like the Bailey Street Fair and develop programs that provide employment opportunities. Members of this team will also structure an incentive program to encourage business owners to actively engage in the Regeneration Project. Other areas of work include the development of the Bailey Online Marketplace.