WNY AmeriCorps ABLE Members at Gloria J. Parks

Gloria J. Parks has partnered with WNY AmeriCorps since 2008. This partnership has enriched the center by providing staff and support that has reached into youth and senior programs, public events and athletics.

During the 2009 – 2010 school year, there were 4 ABLE members placed at GJP, Brian Lapp, Cassandra Bowens, Briana Roy and Alissa Corby. Each brought skills and enthusiasm to their work. They participated in the after-school program, the First Annual GJP Block Party, summer programs and the senior program.

We’re saying a reluctant goodbye to Brian. On Sept. 30, he will complete his term, having begun serving at GJP in the summer of 2009. Brian’s commitment to the center and the kids he has worked with has been a great asset to our programs. Through his service with youth, he has decided to continue on that path, choosing to make that his career.

Alissa has chosen to continue as an ABLE member at Gloria Parks for another year, working in the after school program, providing an art component, as well as tutoring and developing other opportunities for programs.

Three new ABLE members have joined us for the 2010-2011 year – Ian Searcy, Cody Ross, and Sharde Rose. All are enthusiastic and ready to start their year of service with our kids.

Sarah Scott, our inaugural ABLE member, who served at Gloria Parks in 2008, has become our new ABLE supervisor. Sarah was hired as full time staff at Gloria Parks following her term of service, and has become the After-school Program Director this year. She will offer the ABLE members support and encouragement, recognizing the commitment they are making to youth. Sarah continues to build her leadership and programming skills. We are proud that she has chosen to remain at Gloria Parks and share her abilities with us.