A Mid-Winter’s Break

February 21-24 was an exciting week for the kids as they had off from school and instead spent the whole day at Gloria Parks.  Between field trips to Albright Knox Art Gallery and Kenmore Lanes, the kids found time to have fun and become closer friends.  This week witnessed much time in the gym including many pickup games of basketball, soccer, and touch football.  We snuck in some time for our computer lab and for the Nintendo Wii.  There was also time for some artistic talent to come through with much drawing, singing, and even some origami.   We settled down one afternoon with some popcorn to watch Hoodwinked 2.  One day a group of the kids even made and wore mustaches and goatees out of masking tape.

Masking tape mustaches were all the rage (Ge'Onni and Miss Erika model them for us)

Avery and his new sticky hand prize