April Youth Program News

In March the students participated in Quilt and Kite making led by Young Audiences. In April after school students will learn how to play chess from Coach Michael McDuffie. The kids are also all working on their acts for the annual talent show in May.
Early Summer Camp Registration begins at the end of April for families that are members of Gloria J. Parks Community Center.

There are many workshops and Field Trips being held this month for students and Workshops for Parents. Please see the schedule below

Field Trips
4/7- Bowling
4/10- Buffalo Bisons Baseball Game
4/20- Locus Street Art

4/1 Single Parenting Workshop. 6-7:30pm
4/15- Grandparents raising a Child Again. 6-7:30pm
4/16- Literacy and Arts show from 3-7pm at Central Library
4/22- Right vs. Wrong Character Development. 6-7:30
4/23- Extreme Couponing. 6-8pm. Please RSVP
4/29- Structures and Limits-Manage Problem Behaviors. 6-7:30pm
5/2- Extreme Couponing 10am-12pm. Please RSVP.