Christmas Break Week

Wednesday's rollerskating adventure

We departed from our usual schedule to have some fun while school was out.  The students came for all day long fun.  Everyday we had time to play board games, spend some time on the computers, and play some football, soccer, and other sports in the gym.  In addition, we took a field trip to Bounce Magic, where we bounced in an assortment of bounce houses and played a round of mini golf.  Another field trip that we went on we joined the 21st Century program for roller skating and pizza at Rainbow Rink.

Tuesday brought many competitions on the Wii game system of Mario Kart, bowling and Just Dance. On Wednesday,  Thursday we had a table tennis tournament and played hide and seek throughout the entire building. The highlight of our day Friday was eating popcorn while we watched the new Smurf movie.

friends take a break from skating to pose for a picture