Description of Robbery Suspects & Alternative Spring Break News


 IMPORTANT: According to District E, we should be on the lookout for 2-3 black males dress in dark clothing going to houses ringing door bells.  There is a report of a dark colored Ford Taurus that may be tailing them.  This could be the carrying car for the merchandise and the get away car.***   Mark down any model and serial numbers of your electronic equipment since this helps track stolen property_________


UB’s Alternative Spring Break begins Monday, March 9th.  That morning, several students and UB administrators will be cleaning-up Linear Park and the abandoned rail at the end of Merrimac.  Gathering location is GJPCC on Main St. at 8AM.  Residents and homeowners are encouraged to attend!_________


The next UHC meeting will be next Tuesday, 7PM at GJPCC

David Ellerbrock