Food For Thought Program Update

Food For Thought is going strong 3 months after our re-launch from this summer! Our teens have experienced all kinds of new foods, like pomegranates, guacamole, and seaweed chips, and have learned from an array of community partners, including: Morgan Stanley for financial literacy education, Planned Parenthood for sexual health and women’s health, and the Cornell Cooperative for nutrition education. We’ve also been energized to our feet by a host of physical fitness and dance instructors! If you have a skill or experience you wish to impart on the FFT bunch, please give us a call! And, to get a glimpse of all of the activities, and yummy snacks/meals the teens have decided to create, browse through our Instagram: @foodforthought_udcda

In addition to Instagram, we’re now on Youtube! We were fortunate to broadcast our innovative, free and enriching programming on WBL’s airwaves, watch here: And, stay tuned for a video of the teens whipping up a healthy meal in the kitchen hosted by WBLK’s DJ Yasmin Young!

Community Soup Grant

Finally, Food For Thought is grateful for the support of the University Presbyterian’s Community Soup grant of $500 to provide nature-based field trips for the teens this summer! The grant will give us an opportunity to explore the great outdoors, engage in some constructive self-reflection, and bond with our group! The nature outings will be complemented by visits to local colleges to help our teens visualize their futures!

To learn more about the Community Center’s Teen Food For Thought Program please contact SJ Gillespie at 716-832-1010 (ext. 206) or by email at