Getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

As Valentine’s Day 2012 approached, we at the Gloria J. Parks Community Center Afterschool Program began looking for fun and exciting ways to celebrate the holiday.  We eventually settled on a selection of activities, crafts, and of course, edible treats!  Our Valentine’s Day party took place this past Friday, the 10th of February.  We are confident (and hope it shines through in pictures) that the day was incredibly successful.  Please enjoy having a look at some of the photos we took throughout the day:

Candy Making

Jada mixing melted chocolate to set into candy molds.

Party Tables

Some of the children making Valentine's Day cards for their families and friends.

Eating Cupcakes.

Michael biting into a cupcake he decorated!

More Cupcakes

Kenny and Jayden enjoying their self-designed cupcakes (but mostly eating sprinkles).

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Gloria J. Parks Afterschool Program!

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