First-Time Homebuyers Assistance Programs

City of Buffalo First Time Homebuyers Programs:

First-Time Homebuyers Down Payment Closing Cost Assistance Program:

Were excited to report The City of Buffalo has funds to help first-time homebuyers with their down payment and closing costs up to $ 5,000.00. This is a 0% interest, deferred & and forgivable loan “conditional grant”  it must only back if you sell or vacate your home within five years of purchase.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Purchase must be within the City of Buffalo
  • Must be a single-family, Owner – occupied home
  • You must be a first-time homebuyer and the home must be your primary residence
  • Must meet the HUD Household Income guidelines
  • Your income must fall between 50% – 80% of the HUD Income Guidelines
  • You Must qualify for a mortgage loan with an approved financial institution
  • You must remain in the home for five years or repay the loan in full
  • You must take a FREE Homebuyer Educational Course   (Belmont Housing Resources, Buffalo Urban League)

City of Buffalo Down Payment Closing Cost Description                                                                                              

City of Buffalo HOMEGROWN Housing Opportunity Program:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be an eligible first time homebuyer ( have never owned a home or have not owned a home during a three-year period prior to purchasing a home
  • Be prepared to purchase a single or double family house from the eligible City of Buffalo Division of Real Estate inventory, within the legal limits of the City of Buffalo, to be owned and occupied by the purchaser
  • Be pre-qualified for a SONYMA Remodel NY mortgage ( locally available from M&T Bank)
  • Occupy the house to be purchased for at least ten-years
  • Complete a HUD Certified Homebuyer Educational Class

Household Income of no less than 50% and no more than 80% of the area median income, based on family size         (see household income guidelines below)*


HOMEGROWN Housing Opportunity Properties

HUD Household Income Guidelines:

Household Size / Gross Annual Income (50-80% of AMI):

1 / $27,200 – $44,200

2 / $31,050 – $50,500

3 / $34,950 – $56,800

4 / $38,800 – $63,100

5 / $41,950 – $68,150

6 / $45,050 – $73,200

7 / $48,150 – $78,250

8 / $51,250 – $83,300

*These income guidelines are based on the HUD June 1, 2021 Household Income guidelines are subject to change

*Funds are provided by the City of Buffalo Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Programs  through New York State Office of Homes and Community Renewal (HCR)/Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC), City of Buffalo Mayors Office of Strategic Planning and Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA)