Housing News- June

The City of Buffalo WEATHERIZATION Assistance Program is available with funding up to $5,000.00 for home related improvements based on an energy audit /assessment of the property.
Buffalo Weatherization 2015
The Weatherization Program assistance providers can assist eligible homeowners with energy efficiency measures including:
* Interaction with the homeowner to learn of any energy/comfort related concerns;
* Energy audit using blower door technology to determine infiltration levels and energy leak, plus diagnostic testing of fuel burning devices to help ensure the health and safety of the household residents;
* Testing for Carbon Monoxide leakage;
* An assessment of current insulation in the home;
* Appliance testing and cleaning to improve efficiency;
* *Replacement or repair of a storm window, broken window and/or outside door. (Per property assessment)*Please Note: The above does not guarantee replacement and/or repairs; each property will be assessed by a trained and experienced home performance contractor for improvements.