The 2011 Gloria J. Parks Community Center’s Annual Block Party!

The party, held this year on June 11, was a great success!  Although the weatherman tried to threaten us with storm warnings, it turned out to be a beautiful June day.  The bouncy house was up before noon and was a big hit all afternoon long – and not just for the kids, several big people were seen flying around inside!  Board president Fred Brace worked hard all afternoon over a hot grill to supply the entire party with delicious hot dogs and sausages and several volunteers worked overtime at the cotton-candy, popcorn, and snow cone machines.

The musical selection was a lot of fun, too, with local musicians such as MC Eecmcee and the Chill Harmonic Orchestra grooving in the afternoon sun.  Break-dance group D.F.C. stole the show, impressing everybody with some ridiculously fun dance moves.  DJ Cutler was the power behind it all, mixing up great beats all afternoon long.

In addition to the neighborhood crowd in attendance, we also got to meet one of our local state Senators, Mark Grisanti, who came early in the afternoon.  Mayor Byron Brown was also there, and stayed for several hours to meet and greet, try the food, and watch the entertainment.  He hopped up on the dance floor toward the end of the afternoon to say a few words about the community and his pride to be a part of it, which was a great note to end the afternoon on.  All in all, we had a great party and everybody’s looking forward to next year’s edition! Check out some great pictures of the event below.